Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is this layout satisfactory?

Because of recent concern with my short-lived layout background, I decided to change it again. I hope you all approve. I originally decided to change it because it seemed my blog was declining in popularity. I thought, what can I do to make my blog more enjoyable? I thought I'd start here.

I am currently working on a stitchery that has proven to be much more labor intensive than I first realized. This is the pattern:

This is the progress made so far:

As you can see, mine is upside down in comparison with the pattern. But the symbol is all upside down and right side up anyway.

I have quite a bit of work to do, but so far so good.


Barney's Friend Chris said...

Pretty cook stitchery there. I like the new look of your site!

gigi said...

I like the new layout, looks good. I don't think you are waining in popularity, I think it isn't much of a blogging season. I think that people are really busy this time of year. I'm like you, hoping that they get UN-BUSY SOON!!!

Chad and Nicole said...

Wow, look how domestic you are! I think your stitch thing is going to look really good when you are done. As for your blog look.........i like it.

gigi said...

Have you seen Mikey Wagley's tattoo?? He has the same thing tattooed on his back between his shoulder blades. Sort of shocking! But it's perfectly round and just like the picture that you are stitching. Wonder where in the world that boy is and if he has ever married and settled down?? Shout out for any info on Mikey???

Amanda said...

That is quite an undertaking, Racheal. It looks really good so far. What's it going to be? A blanket for Gracie or what?

The Gillespie's said...

oh my heck! That was my first thought. What a cool thing to do. I am so impressed with your craftieness(is that a word?). Good job, keep up the good work.