Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Those of you who actually read this blog, on my previous one I told you of a mother's day gift, it was a ClearPlay DVD player. It sucked and this is an email I have sent to corporate and a couple of places:

My husband recently purchased a ClearPlay DVD player from your location in Highland, UT. The item was defective. So, as it advises in the manual, we called ClearPlay for tech support. The conclusion was we were to bring the player to their location in Salt Lake, about 26 miles north of us, and they would exchange it for another one. We did this. The second player we received was also defective. At this point, we are truly annoyed. We then decide we are going to return the item to the store for a refund. When we arrive to the store they tell us the policy is they cannot take back the player if it has been opened and used-we have to go through ClearPlay. But, we do not want a third ClearPlay DVD player or tech support for another faulty item, we want a refund. ClearPlay cannot legally refund money to a credit card for a purchase we made at Family Video. The people who took our money, logically, are the only ones who can give us the refund we desired. After much frustration and rudeness from the manager on duty, we were able to get our money back.

So, what is the point, if we got our money back, you ask. My point is this: there is currently an item at Family Video in Highland, UT that is, although a good idea, not ready for retail sale. And, the policy attached at Family Video in Highland, UT is ridiculous and nonsensical. Although one customer you have lost is pretty irrelevant, the future customers who come in contact with this problem could start to add up.

I sincerely hope this problem is rectified.

I'm just a little ticked right now and I had to talk about it.


gigi said...

You Go Gurl!! Good responce letter! Sorry about your MD gift turning out to be a dud. But remember it was the thought that counts. Like the new look but have a hard time reading the black print on the dark red.

Amanda said...

Nice retort!! Yeah, I'm not lovin the new background either.

I think I underestimated you kiddo. That was a very well put together, intellegent, precise letter.

Cindy Judd said...

I was going to say "You go Girl" but I see Gigi already said it. So I'm going to show my age and say "Right On" sister friend. I just embarrassed myself on your blog.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like you too!

Melissa said...

I am so sorry it didn't work!! We love ours!!