Monday, May 5, 2008

And the winner is???

I thought it was about time for another presitgious award, I like to call it
The Garbage Pail Kids Potty Scotty

He's cute...he's charming...he's.....Potty Scotty.
I don't know who is the most deserving of this award so...leave a comment and plead your case for why you should or would really hate to be given this award.


Amanda said...

I TOTALLY deserve this award. I can't think of any good reason why, I just love it. I used to love the garbage pail kids when I was a kid. I even saw the movie. My mom was thoroughly disgusted by them. I would be, too, now.

Let's see, I don't have a potty mouth, I don't have a potty chair (remember I hate them), I do have a potty seat.

You should give it to me because your kid beat up my kid the last time you visited and you feel guilty. Thank you, very much. I'll go write my acceptance speech.

Elizabeth said...

I was up last night scrubbing my toilet at midnight because my parents get here today!!!
Also, I am trying very hard to clean up my potty mouth!!!
And last but not least, I called you Sunday night and you never called me back.
So for these three reasons.........I think I most certainly deserve this award!!!!!

Chad and Nicole said...

I just want it......

Aramie Randall said...

Today Kacey came flying into the house and ran into the bathroom. 2 seconds later she yells "mom, I peed my pants!" I go in there and she has completely soaked her clothes and the bathroom floor. She doesn't want to stop playing, so she holds it in until she's about to burst. I had to clean potty off of the floor today, so I think I deserve the potty scotty award!

Leah said...

I pooped my pants as an adult so I am positive that the award should be mine.

Christon said...

I think I have to agree with Leah on this one!

gigi said...

I'm not playing this time!