Friday, February 29, 2008

Yesterday morning our little Gracie woke up with a scary rash all over her body. I immediately snatched her up to take her to the doctor. Our doctor was not in but his nurse practitioner was. She pretty much informed me she didn't know what it was and gave me some instructions to give her a bath, don't feed her this and this and that, and don't dress her in clothes that she might be allergic. So, I brought my child home afraid to feed her anything or put any stitch of clothing on her little, red, blotchy, sad body. Ryan came home from work and we stressed all day long just watching her. She really looked pathetic. So, we decided to call our home teacher who is a pediatrician to help give her a blessing and give us some advice. He arrived and told us exactly what was going on. He said it was viral and it has been going around. Some kids won't get a rash but some kid's immune systems will react this way. He said the rash was impressive, but she should be better in 3-5 days. So that is the latest drama and hopefully the last for a long time.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Update On Rachael

Rachael is humble... she wouldn't even write anything about herself for this blog, because she realized that she wouldn't write anything.

Rachael is an excellent wife and mom.  She is always there for Gracie, and is a great example.  If Gracie learns to be half of the person her mother is we will be very satisfied.  Rachael has been doing some great needle work and has been working on a complex picture of the one of the ancient papyri from the book of Abraham for me (and it is looking great!). She also has been reading quite a bit, and has recently become obsessed with the Twilight series.  

I look forward to this summer and being able to actually see her again on a regular basis.  She is wonderful enough to miss all the time.

The Daleys

Hi there! This is to just let everyone know how great the Daleys are doing.

Gracie. Our little pride and joy. She is beautiful, playful, walking, laughing, babbling, clapping, making faces and making us smile every moment of our lives. She just turned 1 on January 21st and has more personality than I have seen in most adults. She brings joy to all who know her. She makes us laugh troughout the day and even when she has gone to bed we talk about her and laugh. She is well loved and taken care of. She can never say she wasn't loved enough.

Ryan. Ryan is an animal. He works full time and is taking 21 credits at school. He will graduate with his bachelor's in April. Hallelujah! After graduation we will be taking a vacation. Because I said so, that's why! Ryan will be taking the year off (from school), during which he will apply to several doctorate and master's programs. He has had his nose to the grind since he went on his mission. That is since 2002. It will be nice for him not to have an 80 hour week. Hooray. Ryan is great, if you ask me.

Rachael. I'll get someone to post something about me later. I really don't want to talk about myself.

Love you all.