Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kings of Cool

These are the two people Ryan thinks will be cool, no matter what they do, forever and ever. Can you name them?

Hint:  If you don't know who they are...Ryan thinks you're the lamest, no matter what you do, forever and ever.


echoeve said...

I know I know
Prince and David Bowe?

I kinda like Prince
but not so much the other.

gigi said...

Prince and David Bowie.

I guess they were pretty cool in their day but drag Ryan on in to the future!

Do you think that they are both gay?

Amanda said...

Ground Control to Major Tom: They are so not cool anymore.
I hope I have my music reference right. This could be really embarassing if I don't.
I am the only one to get it right!!That is not Prince anymore. He is the artist formally known as Prince!! Yea! I win, I win!!

Or did he change it back?

Aramie Randall said...

Has he gone back to Prince, or is he still the artist formerly known as Prince. I do like a lot of his music, but he kind of creeps me out. He's a super tiny man. He's pocket-sized. No matter how sexy your music is, you can't be sexy if you're a man and your pcoket-sized.
David Bowie, on the other hand, is sexy. That deep voice, the tight trousers....he was so awesome in Labrynth. He did a voice recently on SpongeBob Square Pants and was really good too. He can do no wrong!

Elizabeth said...

Prince and Davie Bowe...........Just don't think either of them are cool. LOL And hello.......Aramie has a crush on Davie Bowe.........LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

Elizabeth said...

I think David Letterman will always be a geeky sort of way!! LOL I have a little crush on him.....So Aramie, you can make fun of me about that!

Elizabeth said...

I am also glad to see that you are posting more these days!

Christon Says.... said...

I used to kinda dig PRINCE, I liked that song Purple Rain, & little red corvette (yes I am kinda a dork!) The other not so much.

Leah said...

Prince and David Bowie of course and I ahve to admit that they are definately cool and will always be so.

Julie J. said...

Prince and David Bowie in his awesome labrynth getup. I need towatch that movie again.