Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I thought I should probably do a little post of some kind. I was going to wait for something interesting to happen, then I realized if I wait for that, I would never post anything.  I'm a mom and sometimes that is not the most exciting profession.  I am bored a lot.  So, I have some questions for yall. Especially you mommies.
1. What are your hobbies?
2. What do you guys get excited about and look forward to?
3. What are some fun things Gracie and I could do?
I am really open to suggestions. 
Gracie is working on her molars, so we have had pretty regular blood curdling screaming at least once a night.  It really is a rude awakening. Ryan's graduation is next week, I am totally pumped.  Mom is coming out on the 24th.   And... that's about it.  I know, you're on the edge of your seat, but you're just gonna have to wait for the next post.    


Amanda said...

I don't care if you just tell me about the boring mundane things you are doing, I just like to hear from you.
As far as things you can do, I'll bet there are a lot of things you can do. Now that Grace is getting big enough to walk around. You need to look for things that are going on in your town. Like we have all of those festivals on the weekend, ie. shrimp festival, crawfish festival, blessing of the fleet. The kids just love to go and see these things. I'm sure that your paper will tell you when free things are going on for the kids. Also, parks are the BEST. Find a park and wear her OUT!!
As far as the hobbies, give me time, I'm working on it.

Elizabeth said...

I am like Amanda, I like to read anything and everything that someone writes. You might think it is boring, but I still love to read it and know what you are up to!
Ok....to answer your questions:
1. What are your hobbies?
2. What do you guys get excited about and look forward to?
3. What are some fun things Gracie and I could do?
Okay......1. I have lots of hobbies that I never get to do. Like scrapbooking, reading, stamping, exercising, sleeping....LOL
2. I get excited about pay day!!! :) And when my kids accomplish something new.
3. Things you can do is go to the zoo or Children's Museum with us.....just call anytime. Also if you check out UtahMama.com.....it has a calendar of things that are going on in Utah for kids.
Hope this helps!

gigi said...

I love to sew when I am in the mood. I like to make the girls hair bows. I like to read. I like to bake sweets.

I'm looking forward to a vacation sometime with just me and Harry.

I would always take the boys to the public library. They always had a free class where they would have a special guest read to them and other fun activities. The park, the beach, bike riding, (I have a baby seat on my bike now and both Shelby and Reagan love it and don't won't to get out to take turns, fishing when they get older is so fun, Shelby has already been fishing and caught two fish and that was when she was last year when she was just 2. Feeding the birds is fun at any age.

BTW I delete my last post because I had so many miss spelled words. May be this one is better.

Aramie Randall said...

I also like to read the boring and mundane, because everyone's idea of boring and mundane is different. I'm very curious about other young moms lives, so reading your boring and mundane is interesting to me.
I like to embroider cool stuff. Have you ever heard of Sublime Stitching? If you go to their website you can buy all these iron-on embroidery patterns, and they are pretty fantastic! You can also buy a kit or a book at the bookstore (they are called Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart). The book and the kit come with lots of patterns. I embroider everything! I even made Nate a pirate pillowcase for his birthday that said "Ahoy Natey!"
I used to take Kacey to the public library all the time when we lived in Mesa, AZ. I bet UT has a good public library system.

Julie J. said...

Ha Ha, I found your blog... now I can stalk you online again.
I love the library. They have story times and sometimes little singing times.... Also you should check out the AF Rec. They probably have a toddler tumbling class that you would both love, and I know this summer they will have mom and me swimming lessons. Sam has always loved the water, so it was worth it for me to put on a swimsuit and blind people with my fat thighs just to see him have so much fun. Plus the sooner she is comfortable around water the better. One of the first things they teach is how to get out of the water if you ever fall in.