Monday, July 26, 2010

These photos are clearly not in order....sorry. We're lucky they made it to the blog at all.

Christmas Gracie, almost 1 year old.
Uncle Austin and Gracie.
Gracie newborn.
Daddy and Gracie.
Mommy and Gracie.
Mommy and Jude.
Twin smiles.

Old family photo.



Jude admiring Gracie, he thinks she is a rock star.
Jude's blessing day.

Little Jude.
Aunt Leah, Gracie and Jude.

Striking a pose.
Last Halloween

Halloween 2 years ago.

Gracie and Aunt Leah.

Gracie 1st Halloween.


Ashley and Joey said...

awesome. you blogged!!! love all the pictures.

Lisa said...

Yay! You're alive!

He is so gorgeous. But you knew that.

Congratulations! Babies are wonderful!

gigi said...

Who do you think Jude looks like? I can't really tell. These are great pictures and I am glad you posted them. You've got such cute kiddo's.
Love you,

Chad and Nicole said...

Love the pictures!!! Jude and Gracie are adorable!!