Friday, November 21, 2008

St. George

So Ryan is employee of the month. He in return gets a condo for the weekend in St. George. So here we are in St. George. There isn't a whole lot to do but shop and eat, but it is great to get away as a little family. It is a nice little place. When we first arrived the water wasn't on and once we figured how to turn it on, the hot water heater wasn't working. We finally figured it out so we will get to shower and stuff now :) Gracie has been grumpy because she was in the car for 4 hours yesterday, then she got up earlier than usual. She is taking a nap now...isn't that the best? We went to Cracker Barrel...Love it! I always took it for granted back in GA. We were going to try and visit right after Christmas but christmas can really kick your butt financially. You don't realize that when you are a kid but...ouch! We will probably come more like March now. I was a little bummed but what can you do? Maybe some miracle will happen and we will be able to afford it, I'm not holding my breath though. Have a great day!


Melissa said...

Congratulations to Ryan! That's fun! I think there's not much to do in St. George either, but people seem to like it! Have fun while you're there! And yes, naps are the best!!

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Those trips are the best! So, are you beginning to think mom & dad know more than you did when you were growing up?? This is a fun time in life, so enjoy. Time passes so quickly.

gigi said...

Congrats, Ryan!
Glad yall got a way for a few days. It's always nice.
Glad to here from ayall and sorry you can't come Christmas but March could be more fun! Love ya.

Chad and Nicole said...

I'm jealous that you guys got to go on a vacation! :) It's fun to get away every now and then, even if it isn't very far. Have fun!