Sunday, September 7, 2008

OKAY! So I'm a terrible blogger.

We had our lawn hydro-seeded about two weeks ago and it looks great. Well, not great but you should have seen it before. There is actually green stuff on the dirt now. Much improvement. Next we will begin the indoor improvements. We will probably do something boring like plimbing or electricity. Not very exciting, but necessary none the less.

Gracie is great. She is very busy, but great. Very dramatic. I don't know if it is a girl thing or a Gracie thing. We are having some drama right now as a matter of fact. Such fun. Maybe she will be famous.


gigi said...

You're not a "terrible blogger", you are a busy mama blogger. Good to hear things are slowly moving along with your home.

Aunt gigi believes that "drama is a girl 'thing'" We've got a lot around here, but at least we aren't bored, or rather have time to be bored. We really could use an updated picture of little miss Gracie, please.

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Okay, Rachael, where were you for the Griffis Family reunion? We missed your family & Miss Leah. Ken & Mike live in Lehi. Darlene's granddaughter, Dani, lives on the east side of Lehi. We should get you all together. Gracie would have a ball. Come to see us, sometime. Jay & I are going to Georgia on Sept. 25th for three weeks. That's a little longer that I wanted to stay, but I goofed up on the dates for the Kirkland reunion. Love to all.

echoeve said...

You are not a terrible blogger.

I would like to know more about the drama.

I love drama

Melissa said...

Sometimes there is just really nothing to blog about! :) Your lawn does look great! I am so excited for you! Now we both have yards!! Yeah!

Ash and Joe Orme said...

when do we get to see pictures!!!

Lisa said...

We call Hannah "The Tude", because of her attitude. I think drama just follows little girls around like a rain cloud in a cartoon.

That exciting about your lawn. You'll have to post a pic when it's grown in.

Chad and Nicole said...

I'm jealous that you are going to have a beautiful yard. As for the drama, I know how you feel. My girls are soooo dramatic already. They could keep Gracie company :)

P.S. I need your address